One in five Americans becomes a victim of Identity Theft.

  • An identity is stolen every 3 seconds.
  • According to the Federal Trade Commission, victims will average 170 hours researching this crime, as well as approximately 2-3 years correcting credit reports and average $4,849.00 in out of pocket expenses to restore their credit and identity.
    (Javelin Strategy Research Center 2009)
  • The FBI claims 9.9 million Americans have been Identity Theft victims, experiencing losses in excess of $47 billion. (Gartner Group)

24/7 Identity Monitoring Benefits: (Member Authorization Required)

  • Identity Risk Score Alerts: Receive “risk score” alerts for suspicious activity against your Social Security Number (SSN) , date of birth and address.
  • SSN Alerts: Receive alerts for non-credit activities such as employment, DMV, real estate and criminal activities under your SSN.
  • Notifications: Member’s are notified of unauthorized accounts opened in their name and changes made to their address
  • Counseling Assistance: Receive assistance with identity monitoring changes and related issues.
  • Personalized Attention: Receive personalized attention for your identity monitoring concerns and needs and specific factual circumstances.

Fraud Resolution Assistance:

  • Fraud Resolution Specialists™: Access to highly trained specialists who conduct 7 emergency response activities within (2) business days. The member receives investigations and fraud advocacy under a Limited Power of Attorney.
  • Credit Report Review: Help member obtain a free copy of their credit report. Review report to investigate suspicious activity and correct errors.
  • Fraud Alert: Assistance in placing “Fraud Alerts” on member’s credit report and with creditors.
  • Restoration & Recovery: Assist members with restoring their identity and good credit reputation.
  • Free ID Theft Emergency Response Kit™ provided if a breach in security or identity occurs.
  • Administration: Administer the costly steps to dispute fraudulent debts as a result of Identity Theft.
  • Case File: Creates a case file to document actions taken during the resolution/recovery process.
  • Document / Letter Preparation: Prepare all necessary documents and letters for a member’s signature.

Financial Coaching:

Free Consultations: Receive up to a 60-minute telephone consultation with a MSA ID Protect Financial Counselor. Counselors are in-house financial professionals who can assist with credit counseling, restoration strategies, credit report analysis and tax planning, all of which may have been seriously impacted by Identity Theft.

Legal Consultation:

Free Consultations: Members are entitled to a free initial 60-minute consultation with an attorney on each new issue involving theft of their identity. After the initial consultation, the participating attorney may be retained at a preferred rate reduction of 25% off of the attorney’s standard hourly or fixed fee rates.

Lost/Stolen Purse or Wallet Benefit:

Multi-party Calls to Cancel and Reissue Credit Cards/Close Bank Accounts: During standard business hours, members are entitled to have their online credit report pulled, by providing the necessary information to the Fraud Resolution Specialist™. With the member on the phone, each affected creditor and/or bank will be called to cancel existing credit/bank accounts and to have new cards issued. A “fraud alert” with the Credit Reporting Agencies may also be established at that time, as directed by the member.

Identity Theft Bank Transfers & Expense Reimbursement:

  • Up to $25,000* Identity Theft Fraud Expense Reimbursement: $0 deductible for certain fraud related expenses such as lost wages, notary and certified mailing costs, long distance phone charges, filing fees, reasonable attorney fees and costs when appointed by insurance company. May also include defense costs for certain civil suits.